Properties Of Polyester Film

Sep 12, 2017
Properties Of Polyester Film

     Polyester film is made of polyethylene terephthalate as the raw material of the film, its transparent and shiny, is a polymer film. Mainly used in the printing industry, but also as a cooking packaging of the outer material. Different polyester films have different characteristics: Electrical insulating polyester film, with good insulation, high temperature, heat resistance and other characteristics, mainly used in electrical machinery as insulation materials.Polyester Film

   Capacitive film polyester Film: tensile strength, high dielectric constant, low loss factor, good thickness uniformity, good electrical properties, electrical resistance, and so on, has been widely used in capacitor media and insulating insulation layer use. The biggest feature of this polyester film is the high transparency, often used for the protection and packaging of pictures, documents, documents and office supplies. A thermally contracted polyester film comprising a polyester film and a coating formed on one side or on either side of a polyester film, wherein the coating comprises an end of carboxyl. For 70~80℃ copolymer polyesters, this heat shrinkable film shows excellent performance and is suitable for    labeling or shrinking the packaging container.Polyester Film

Polyester film is a polymer plastic film, because of its comprehensive performance is more and more favored by the vast number of consumers. Due to the current production and technical level of our country still can not meet the market demand, some still need to rely on imports. Because of the complexity of polyester film and difficult to judge, to the customs supervision brings many difficulties. To this end, we are on the product knowledge of polyester film and the current import process of related issues to the relevant professional firms to understand. The relevant information to be learned is summarized below.Polyester Film

   Polyester film is a high-quality fiber-grade polyester chips (viscosity of 0.64) as the main raw materials, the use of advanced technology formulations, through drying, melting, extrusion, casting and stretching made of high-grade film. The properties of the polyester film determine its different uses. Different applications of polyester film on the requirements of raw materials and additives, as well as processing technology have different requirements, its thickness and technical indicators are not the same; In addition, only bopet can have a variety of uses, so the film classified according to use is boPET.Polyester Film