Production Equipment For Crepe Paper Tubes For Electrical Purposes

Aug 06, 2017
Production Equipment For Crepe Paper Tubes For Electrical Purposes

              An electrical corrugated paper tube production device, including a roller for rewinding paper, including a rack, a base plate arranged on a rack, a platen on top of the bottom plate, and a roller roll arranged between the bottom surface of the bottom of the floor and the end of the platen, and the platen can drive the roller.Crepe Paper Tubes

             The utility model provides a production device for the corrugated paper tube of the electrician, by setting the roller to the bottom of the bottom of the plate and the end of the platen, the relative motion between the platen and the bottom plate of the bottom plate is used to drive the roll of the roller, and then the wrinkle paper which is placed on the roller is formed into the corrugated paper tube with the roll of the roller.

              This technical scheme can effectively solve the problems of the local size and folds in the existing technology due to the artificial winding of the corrugated paper tube, the corrugated paper tube is not folded and the length direction is uniform, and the paper tube can be prepared by pushing the motion of the platen, which improves the productivity remarkably. Corrugated paper tube is made of electrical wrinkle insulating paper by special process, mainly used for insulating and wrapping material of inner conductor of oil-immersed transformer.Crepe Paper Tubes

              In the process of global economic integration, the Asia-Ann insulation Material factory in the domestic market to stabilize, the vision to the international market. 2003 International Department since its establishment, electrical insulating material products have been exported to more than 130 countries, product quality and service has been the unanimous praise of foreign businessmen.Crepe Paper Tubes