Pad-Mounted Transformer Is Estimated To Worth $6 Billion By 2020

Jul 07, 2016
Pad-Mounted Transformer Is Estimated To Worth $6 Billion By 2020

According to an M&M’s report, Pad-Mounted Transformer is estimated to reach $6 billion by 2020 while its current value is $4.5 billion. 

During this process, 3-phase and dry-type transformers will gain the most. To meet the increasing demands, there are increasing investments for upgrading and developing power transmission & distribution network. As indicated in this report, the Pad-Mounted Transformer Market will expand at 5.21% with the rising demand for power. To increase growth, developing countries are concentrated on growing their power grid network to provide electricity to rural zones and industries. Developed countries are investing in upgrading their power grid networks to smart grids so that the power supply could be controlled more efficiently. Speaking of the expansion of transformer market, 3-phase pad-mounted and dry-type pad mounted transformers get the biggest benefits. The three-phase pad-transformer is estimated to grow at the highest rate by phase, while dry-type pad-mounted transformer enjoys the highest growth in terms of insulation type. Asia Pacific has led the global pad-mounted transformer market with the fastest growth rate and greatest market share, followed by Middle East and Africa. 

(For more information, please refer to Markets and Markets’s report titled “Pad-mounted Transformer Market by End User (Industrial, Commercial, and Residential), by Phase (Single and Three), by Rated Power (<1 MVA and >1 MVA), by Insulation Type (Dry-type and Liquid-Immersed) & by Region - Global

Forecast to 2020".)

Haotai insulation materials are perfect insulations for 3-phase dry-type transformers. The recomended items are DMD F class, DMD prepreg F class, Aramid paper C Class, AMA F class, Polyimide film, polyester film, fiberglass mesh, dogbones,etc.