New Insulating Sleevings

             New insulating casing. The invention relates to the field of the internal insulating device of Electrolyzer, in particular to the improvement of the insulating casing. A new type of insulating casing with compact structure, convenient installation, good insulating effect and high structural strength is proposed. The insulating casing is symmetrically arranged with a pair, and is divided into casing one and casing two; and one end of the casing is fixedly connected with an annular insulating pad, wherein the casing is fixedly connected with an annular insulating pad two away from the end of the casing a, and the casing is provided with an annular butt groove A on the outer wall of the end of the casing two, the casing is provided with an annular butt groove two on the inner wall of one end of the sleeve, and the outer diameter of the butt groove A is equal to the inner diameter of the butt groove, so that the casing can be inserted into the casing two. The utility model has the advantages of good insulating effect, high structure strength and long service life.Insulating Sleevings

            The invention discloses a manufacturing method of a composite insulating casing, comprising: step A, injecting the thermoplastic plastic engineering plastics into the mold; step two, holding the mold to the pressure cooling; step three, open the mold, and the mold in the composite insulating casing injection molded parts.Insulating Sleevings

             The insulating jacket of the composite insulating sleeve is formed by injection of thermoplastic plastic, and the injection molding process of the thermoplastic engineering plastics is not required to be heated and solidified compared with the thermosetting epoxy resin material, thus shortening the injection process length of the insulating jacket and improving the processing efficiency of the composite insulating casing. At the same time, using the reusable characteristics of thermoplastic engineering plastics, for the waste composite insulating sleeve, the insulating jacket can be plasticized and used two times after recovery, which can improve the utilization of raw materials and reduce the cost of manufacture.Insulating Sleevings