Introduction To Polyester Film

Bilateral stretch polyester film (BOPET), is the use of light (also known as a large amount of light, that is, in the raw material polyester chips added titanium dioxide, after drying, melting, extrusion, casting and vertical and horizontal stretching (CPET), is the use of semi-extinction material (raw material polyester chips did not add titanium dioxide), after drying, melting, extrusion, casting and longitudinal stretching (single-stranded polyester film) Of the film, the polyester film in the grade and the lowest price, mainly for the pharmaceutical tablet packaging.As the use of less manufacturers less large-scale production, accounting for about 5% of the field of polyester film, Less imported, the standard thickness of 150μm.Polyester Film

Capacitive film. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high dielectric constant, low loss factor, good uniformity of thickness, good electrical performance and large electric resistance. It has been widely used in capacitor medium and insulation compartment. Protect card film. It has excellent transparency, high stiffness, good heat stability, excellent surface finish, uniform longitudinal and transverse tensile properties, and excellent performance such as waterproofing, oil repellent and chemical resistance. Printing composite packaging film. The main features are good transparency, good resistance to penetration, chemical resistance, temperature, moisture. For frozen food and food, pharmaceuticals, industrial products and cosmetics packaging.Polyester Film

Polyester heat shrinkable film to modified polyester PETG as the main raw material, in addition to heat shrinkable casing film using blown film technology, and more to stretch the main production process. Nearly a year or two, in the PETG prices under pressure, the film production enterprises through continuous exploration and improvement, the current heat shrinkable casing film (blown film-based) and the battery trademark film has been used in a regular proportion of PET and PTEG compound Raw materials, PET bottles with shrink label film also began to try other types of domestic modified PET varieties, and achieved success.Polyester Film Magnetic recording film. With good dimensional stability, uniform thickness, high tensile strength characteristics. Suitable for base film and special packaging film of magnetic recording material. Including recording tape base (commonly used standard thickness of 9-12μm) and black film (commonly used standard thickness of 35-36μm).Polyester Film