Introduction Of Nomex Laminated Insulations

    Nomex, is the US DuPont patented product, Nomex for its trade name. Nomex fiber has excellent high temperature resistance and flame resistance, good dimensional stability, good mechanical properties, soft feel, good spinnability and other characteristics.Nomex Laminated Insulations

    Has become the most widely used one of the most high temperature fiber, can be used to make space suits or fire clothes and so on.Nomex Laminated Insulations

    Nomex, man-made fibers, in the laboratory for heat resistance test. Must be able to withstand the distance of 3 cm, 300 to 400 degrees Celsius of the open fire, if not lit in 10 seconds, can be used in the manufacture of uniforms. Riders and team personnel underwear, hoods, socks and gloves are made with Nomex.

     Meta-aromatic polyphthalamide fiber (Nomex), China called the aramid 1313, DuPont is the United States in the 60's invention and put into use, is a good high temperature flame retardant fiber, 200 ℃ to maintain the original Strength of about 80%, 260 ℃ continued to use 100 h still able to maintain the original strength of 65% to 70%, and in the human body and the formation of a barrier between the clothes to reduce the heat transfer effect, to provide protection of the role of most of the acid, The stability of the alkali is also very good, because of its outstanding performance and broad market prospects, countries have research and development of heat resistance and electrical performance are more prominent, widely used in military industry and electrical industry, is the H-class excellent Insulation Materials.Nomex Laminated Insulations

     NOMEX is a trade name registered by DuPont for its products, including meta-aramid fibers, paper and laminates, for trade names for polyacrylamide (meta-aramid or aramid 1313). At present, the world meta-aramid products to form a commercial production of the company (by capacity ranking) are: the United States DuPont (meta-aramid fiber and paper), China Yantai Spandex Group Co., Ltd. (meta-aramid fiber and paper), Japan Teijin Company (only meta-aramid fiber), China Guangdong Cai Yan Company (only meta-aramid fiber), China Yu and the company (meta-aramid fiber and paper).Nomex Laminated Insulations