Introduction Of Insulating Property Of Crepe Paper Tubes

Oct 23, 2017
Introduction Of Insulating Property Of Crepe Paper Tubes

Insulation materials should first have high insulation resistance and compressive strength, and can avoid leakage, breakdown and other accidents. Second, the heat resistance is better, avoid aging and deterioration due to long-term overheating, in addition, there should be good thermal conductivity, moisture-proof resistance and high mechanical strength and easy processing and other characteristics. According to the above requirements, the properties of insulating materials are insulation strength, tensile strength, specific gravity, expansion coefficient and so on.Crepe Paper Tubes

The insulating materials commonly used by electricians can be divided into inorganic insulating materials, organic insulating materials and mixed insulating materials according to their different chemical properties. Commonly used inorganic insulating materials are: mica, asbestos, marble, porcelain, glass, sulphur yellow, etc., mainly used as motor, electrical winding insulation, switch backplane and insulators.Crepe Paper Tubes 

Organic insulating materials are: shellac, resin, rubber, cotton yarn, paper, hemp, rayon and so on, mostly used to make insulating varnishes, winding wires, such as covering insulation. The composite insulating material is made from the above two kinds of materials through the processing of various molding insulating materials, which are used as the base and housing of electrical apparatus.Crepe Paper Tubes

Margin materials are graded, insulation grade and insulation material temperature resistance is closely related, the higher the temperature insulation material insulation grade performance, so insulation materials have a temperature-resistant performance standards, within the standard can be assured of use. Insulating material grade generally divides into 3 kinds: the gas insulating material insulation grade: Has the air insulation, the nitrogen insulation and the sulphur hexafluoride insulation general gas insulation under the discharge voltage has the very strong insulation resistance, and if the occurrence insulation damage also can automatically restore. Compared with liquid insulation and solid insulation. The yield value of insulating grade is low. Therefore, the requirements of it are: Have a good free field strength and breakdown strength, and after the breakdown of its insulation performance can be quickly, automatic reduction. belongs to the elastic breakdown.Crepe Paper Tubes