Fabrication Process And Application Of Crepe Paper Tubes

             The paper tube, as the name implies, is made of paper. Before the paper tube machine is produced, the paper tube is made by hand, and a stick-shaped mold is used to roll the adhesive paper into a paper tube. Later, after the invention of paper tube machinery, the making of paper tube becomes simpler and the specification of paper tube is more and more. Paper tube is widely used in everyday life, paper tube is widely applied in textile, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, papermaking, agricultural film, fireworks, food packaging and other industries.

             Paper tube production raw materials have kraft paper, white cardboard, coated paper and many other, paper tube production before the corresponding treatment. First of all, the material paper needs to be coated, to the raw material paper with a layer of film, so that the waterproof, oil-proof, hot-fit, so that the smooth and beautiful. Then, if the paper tube is to be printed, the paper is printed through a printing press. Again, the coated paper needs to be cut through the paper tube slitter Rewinder to make the appropriate size. After, through the paper tube machine on the glue, coil, cut, made into different specifications of the paper tube, and then through the paper tube dryer on the production of paper tube drying, paper tube on the basic shape.Crepe Paper Tubes

             If the basic molding of the paper tube also need to be processed, then the need to use paper tube finishing machine to work. For example, the production of tea barrels by the basic shape of the paper tube also to roll edge machine, paper cans capping machine cover and other processes.Crepe Paper Tubes

              The application scope of the paper tube is also very extensive. For example, chemical fiber industry pipe: dty Tube, Poy tube, fdy tube, nylon tube, spandex tube, spandex coated yarn tube; film industry tubes: Bopp, PET, PVC, BOPA, CPP, agricultural film, plastic wrap, winding film, plastic bag pipe (for supermarkets), aluminized film, electrical capacitance film, acrylic film; printing industry pipe: Mainly used in drum printing, film printing, paper printing, paper industry pipe: Yarn Tube paper, whiteboard paper, fax paper, paper, water pine paper, aluminum parking paper, writing paper , color Parchment, cup paper, Li Le Fresh-keeping paper, etc. metallurgical industry pipe: aluminum plate, steel plate, iron plate, such as coil; packaging pipe: medical equipment, calligraphy and painting, food cans, such as packaging; temperature-measuring paper tube: Steel temperature measurement of one-time electric thermocouple.Crepe Paper Tubes