Excellent Performance Of Insulating Sleevings

High temperature and low temperature performance, excellent electrical insulation, thermal oxidation and ozone stability. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is low, oil-resistant, acid-alkali, solvent resistance is poorer, the price is more expensive. Insulating Sleevings

Fluorine rubber: Fluorine-containing monomer copolymerization, high temperature can reach 300 ℃, resistance to dielectric corrosion is higher than other rubber (not afraid of acid-base, oil resistance is the best rubber), anti-radiation and high vacuum excellent. In addition, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, anti-aging performance is very good, is a comprehensive performance of special synthetic rubber. The disadvantage is that the processing is poor and the price is expensive.Insulating Sleevings Chlorinated polyethylene rubber: ethylene, vinyl chloride and two vinyl chloride ternary copolymer, weathering, ozone resistance, excellent electrical insulation, acid and alkali, good oil resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, wear resistance, but poor elasticity, compression deformation, performance and chlorinated polyethylene rubber similar. High temperature heat shrinkable tube applications, high-temperature heat shrinkable tubes are mainly used in high-temperature oil environment protection of electronic components, resistance capacitors, thermocouple insulation and protection, all kinds of metal wire type of mechanical protection, wire terminal, successive, terminal insulation, protection and reinforcement. Technical parameters of high temperature heat shrinkable tube.Insulating Sleevings

Packing box sealed with transparent tape or student use of Scotch tape, only with viscous, used to close the box or students used to stick to the damaged books and other roads can also be used to bind the line connector, to prevent the bare wire, to achieve insulation, not at all. is the transparent tape insulated? It is conceivable that these Scotch tape has no insulation at all, on the contrary, the adhesive also has a good conductivity, with its to bind the line connector or breakage, the safety of the human body is still a big hidden danger, at the same time, the fire 2 line with transparent tape bandaging bare place, glued together, may cause a short circuit, triggering a fire , the light burns the line and the electricity equipment, the heavy burns the house, the consequence is unimaginable.Insulating Sleevings