Development Performance Of Insulating Sleevings

Sep 21, 2017
Development Performance Of Insulating Sleevings

     First of all, the wall thickness of the heat shrink is medium thickness, which is slightly thinner than the casing, and can be described in detail in the Dasheng company's product specification. Secondly, the hot-melt adhesive is used in the wall tube of the coating, and the 75 caliber is directly coated, 75 caliber and above specification uses the Spiral gelatinize way, from the appearance appears the difference is obvious, is one kind of mechanical entire coating plastic product; But the sheath is usually hand-painted at both ends, can also be coated with glue, the coating is the glue layer is cold glue, The waterproof performance is inferior to the middle wall sheath.Insulating Sleevings

    Again because the gelatinize way is not the same, in general, the heat shrink in the wall tube to do the largest caliber is 200, and the heat shrink casing can do 300, mainly in the middle wall tube large caliber spiral coating equipment is more expensive. In addition, the two products of polyethylene substrate formulations are not the same, the middle wall tube material is softer.Insulating Sleevings

    Finally, due to the many differences, there are also many differences in the use of heat-shrinkable wall tubes and heat-shrinkable casing, which are mainly used in the middle connection of the cable, and can be used in other products such as automobiles, while the heat-shrinkable casing is basically used as the inner and outer sheath of the cable intermediate connection. At the same time, the hot shrinkage of the wall tube products abroad used more, the domestic market is not very large.Insulating Sleevings

    In the field of electronic technology, the most effective use of cold pressure terminals is to deal with the different terminal wiring position of the crawler-type copper conductor. At first, insulated bushings were not used, but since 1970 the use of insulating bushings has become very common. In 1991, the invention of two-joint cold press with the same diameter caused the revolution of the cold pressure terminal market.Insulating Sleevings