Crepe Paper Tubes Shop Related Materials

Sep 21, 2017
Crepe Paper Tubes Shop Related Materials

      Insulating crepe paper is pure wood pulp fiber, no additional adhesive, the first copy of Non-woven fabric caused by the pressure made of cardboard. Because of its high chemical purity, it is especially suitable for insulating materials used in motor and capacitor, especially in oil-immersed transformer.Crepe Paper Tubes

      The high compactness and dimensional stability of the insulating crepe paper are ensured because of the special molding and pressing procedure used in its manufacturing process. It is also because of its good mechanical properties, it can also be processed into a transformer internal part of the fixed parts and spacing parts, in short circuit conditions, due to a good volume elasticity, can safely withstand the huge mechanical stress occurred in the transformer. Crepe Paper Tubes

      Because insulating cardboard products and plate mechanical strength and oil leaching performance is superior, now widely used in oil-immersed power transformers and distribution transformers. The insulating crepe paper has both mechanical and electrical characteristics after immersion, and this composite performance is not up to other insulating materials.Crepe Paper Tubes

      Because the crepe paper can be formed with the transformer oil to form an insulating combination. The two dielectric Changshu is relatively close, so that the electric field can be more evenly. Insulating laminates, also known as laminates, have many types of insulating laminates, phenolic cotton laminate, epoxy glass cloth laminated laminate, insulating cardboard, silicone glass cloth laminate, melamine glass cloth laminates, diphenyl ether glass cloth laminates, bismaleimide glass cloth laminates, polyimide glass cloth laminates, graphite glass cloth laminates, High-strength Epoxy glass cloth laminates, such as insulating plate.Crepe Paper Tubes

     With the development of electrical industry, high insulation. Laminated plastic products with high strength, high temperature resistance and suitable for various use environments appear successively. The copper clad laminate for printed circuit is also developing rapidly because of the need of electronic industry. China's electrical and electronic laminated products are gradually developed after liberation. The thermosetting layer of our country has formed a relatively complete series.Crepe Paper Tubes