Crepe Paper Tubes Product Stickiness

Nov 01, 2017
Crepe Paper Tubes Product Stickiness

Adding 7.5-9 polyvinyl alcohol, 13.0-15 kaolin and most water (total 60.0-68.0) to the reactor, cooling water in the condenser and heating steam into the jacket, to keep the dissolved 1-2h another part of the water, 0.3-0.5 op emulsifier, 6.0-8 Styrene, 3.0-5 parts of acrylic acid, 0.5-1 parts N-methyl acrylamide and appropriate initiator, etc.Crepe Paper Tubes

Dissolve the dissolved polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution and cool it to 80-85 degrees, adding 1. 0-2. After the acetal reaction was finished by 0 ethyl two aldehyde, the temperature was controlled at 80-82 degrees, and the monomer mixture was added to the emulsion for copolymerization.Crepe Paper Tubes 

After all the reaction is finished, add the other additives, stirring and evenly cooling can be expected. Paper tube glue, also called Paper tube gum, Paper corner glue, Paper corner plastic, white plastic, etc., used in the production of health rolls paper core paper tube, textile yarn tube, cloth, paper products, leather, plastic film, such as reel packaging paper tube, paper corner, paper tube, paper barrels. Traditional paper tube adhesive commonly used white latex, dextrin or other emulsion products, they are high production costs, production engineering complex, slow drying, small initial adhesion, low cost-effective shortcomings.Crepe Paper Tubes

Products are not layered, good adhesion, fast drying, high strength, good liquidity and storage stability, bonding without warping, slitting open mouth, widely used in various types of paper tube, paper tube production line, parallel pipe, threaded pipe, pagoda tube, used in the production of chemical fiber, paper, plastics, packaging, textiles, printing and other industries used in paper tube, paper core, paper tube, paper cans; Paper guard angle production line; all kinds of paper, Honeycomb paper, paper pallet, high-grade carton, carton production line, all kinds of manual, automatic Pagoda pipe mechanical coil.Crepe Paper Tubes

Color paper veneer adhesive tape glue: Suitable for cardboard and color surface, sheet paper and paperboard, color box corrugated veneer, used for a variety of veneer machine machine gluing, handmade veneer. Laminating Adhesive laminating paper glue: Applicable to the automatic laminating machine, gray-bottomed whiteboard paper and gray-bottomed whiteboard paper, cardboard fully automatic mounting.Crepe Paper Tubes