Composition Analysis Of Crepe Paper Tubes

     Cotton wrapped in the process of repeated use, save time is short, need to experience recycling, rinsing, steaming, finishing, expired packets, such as repeated sterilization, the price is not cheap cotton. and medical wrinkle paper omitted many links, the single cost difference is not much. Conventional cotton as a sterilization packaging materials, although can be repeated cleaning, ironing and so on, easy to cause the cloth hole sparse, and even the naked eye imperceptible small holes, and lead to packaging isolated bacteria failed. As a result, the shelf life of the sterile items wrapped in cotton cloth is only 7-14 days, and medical wrinkle paper as the sterilization packaging material, combined with the test of medical crepe paper as sterilization packaging material test of empty needles, urethral bags, suture kits, stitches and scissors after sterilization on the 180th day, there is no bacteria growth.Crepe Paper Tubes
    Insulating crepe paper is pure wood pulp fiber, no additional adhesive, the first copy of Non-woven fabric caused by the pressure made of cardboard. Because of its high chemical purity, it is especially suitable for insulating materials used in motor and capacitor, especially in oil-immersed transformer. The high compactness and dimensional stability of the insulating crepe paper are ensured because of the special molding and pressing procedure used in its manufacturing process.
It is also because of its good mechanical properties, it can also be processed into a transformer internal part of the fixed parts and spacing parts, in short circuit conditions, due to a good volume elasticity, can safely withstand the huge mechanical stress occurred in the transformer. Because insulating cardboard products and plate mechanical strength and oil leaching performance is superior, now widely used in oil-immersed power transformers and distribution transformers. The insulating crepe paper has both mechanical and electrical characteristics after immersion, and this composite performance is not up to other insulating materials. It is inherently resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and is compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer liquids, lubricants and freezers, and is not destroyed by insects, fungi and molds.Crepe Paper Tubes
    Wrinkle paper is also called wrinkle paper. A generic term for paper that presents wrinkles. Can be divided into life, packaging, decorative paper three types of wrinkle. Life with crepe paper, such as napkin, health wrinkle paper, paper soft and good absorbent tissue paper for the original. Wrapping paper tough and flexible, for packaging wool, wool products, such as flexible goods, in order to prevent the expansion of the packaging due to the paper rupture, with strong wrapping paper as the original. Decorative crepe paper, such as a variety of color crepe paper, for the festival decoration and tie into paper flowers, with thin tissues for the original. Usually wet (or not completely dry) of the original paper, in the dryer with scraper shovel, or mechanical pressure wrinkles, and then dried.Crepe Paper Tubes