Coating Modified Epoxy Resin Diamond Dotted Paper

In the process of coil desiccation, the coated epoxy-resin would be melted in a certain temperature and become adhesive. With the temperature increased, the melted resin would cure to C-stage, and firmly adhere each adjoining layer of the coil. If a short circuit occurs in the coil, the resin bonding strength would sufficiently prevent the discharge of each winding layer, which ensures the long-term mechanical and physical properties of the insulation structure. As the resin coating distributes in a diamond-dotted pattern, little quantity of the resin would soak into the insulation paper during melting and curing process, which ensures the elimination of air content in the insulating paper and guarantees the saokage of oil, minizing the damages of corona and partial discharge.

Hecheng DDP can also be supplied in the "thermally upgrade" version, which is called TU DDP. It is achieved by adding a small quantity of nitrigenous additive.