Classification Of Insulation Sleeves

    Insulation casing is a kind of insulating material.It is a general name.On the electrical material in the glass fiber insulation casing, PVC casing, heat shrink tubing and so on.

    Single: Insulated with pure porcelain or resin, often made into wall bushing, for 35 kV and below voltage level. The insulator is tubular, middle card or plastic flange to be fixed on the perforated wall. Flanges are generally gray cast iron, when the working current is greater than 1500 amps commonly used non-magnetic materials to reduce heat. The insulation structure of a single insulating sleeve is divided into two types: air cavity and air cavity short circuit. Air cavity casing for 10 kV and below voltage level, between the conductor and the porcelain sleeve as an auxiliary air insulation, can reduce the casing capacitance, improve the corona voltage and flashing voltage casing.Insulating Sleevings

    When the voltage level is high (20 ~ 30 kV), the air cavity will be corona inside the failure of the role, then use the air cavity short circuit structure. The inner wall of the porcelain sleeve of this porcelain sleeve is coated with a semiconductor glaze and the spring is connected to the conductor to shorten the air cavity to eliminate the internal corona. But there may still be corona and glide near the flange. Usually in the vicinity of the flange on both sides of the porcelain sets on the surface of each set a large umbrella skirt, and painted in the flange near the semi-conductive layer to make the electric field evenly distributed to improve the discharge characteristics of the casing.Insulating Sleevings

   Composite: oil or gas as an insulating medium, generally made of transformer casing or circuit breaker casing, commonly used in the following 35 kV voltage level. Composite insulation sleeve of the conductor and porcelain sets of the cavity filled with transformer oil, from the radial insulation. When the voltage exceeds 35 kV, set the conductor on the conductor or envelope cable to strengthen the insulation. Composite insulation casing of the conductor structure through the cable and guide rod type two. Through the use of the cable cable through the cable directly through the casing, easy to install.Insulating Sleevings

   When the working current is greater than 600 amps, wear cable structure is more difficult to install, the general use of pole structure. Capacitive sleeves consist of capacitive cores, porcelain sets, metal attachments and conductors. Mainly used for ultra-high voltage transformers and circuit breakers. Its upper part in the atmosphere, the lower part of the work in the tank. Capacitive sleeve of the capacitance of the heart as the insulation, porcelain sets as an external insulation, but also play a role in protecting the capacitance of the heart. The electric field on the surface of the porcelain is distributed evenly by the internal pressure of the internal capacitance, thus improving the electrical insulation performance of the casing. Metal accessories are intermediate connection sleeve (flange), end caps, pressure ball and so on. Conductor for cable or hard steel pipe.