Classification Of HV Insulating Sleevings

High-voltage Insulating Sleevings is a kind of insulating material, is a general term, the electrical material has glass fiber Insulating Sleevings, pvc casing, heat shrink casing and so on. What sort of a lot of insulated casing should be done, the following little braid you know the classification of Insulating Sleevings.


With pure porcelain or resin insulation, often made of wall casing, used for 35,000 volts and the following voltage levels. Its insulating parts are tubular, central card or rubber flange to be fixed on the perforated wall. The flange is generally gray cast iron, when the working current is greater than 1500 Ann often use non-magnetic material to reduce the fever. The insulating structure of single insulated casing is divided into two types: air cavity and air cavity short circuit. The inner wall of the porcelain sleeve is coated with a semiconductor glaze, and a spring sheet and a conductor are connected to make the air cavity short-circuit to eliminate the corona. However, the flange may still have corona and slip. Generally at both ends of the flange set a large umbrella skirt, and in the flange coated with a half conductive layer to make the electric field evenly distributed, the discharge characteristics of the road casing.


With oil or gas as insulating medium, generally made of transformer casing or circuit breaker casing, commonly used in 35,000 volts below the voltage level. The inner cavity of the composite insulated casing conductor and the porcelain suite is filled with transformer oil, which plays a radial insulating role. When the voltage crosses 35,000 volts, the conductor is sheathed with an insulating tube or a packet cable to enhance insulation. The conductor structure of the composite insulated casing has two types of cable-type and guide rod. Cable-type use of the transformer to lead the cables directly through the casing, equipment bento. capacitor-type casing capacitor heart as an internal insulation, porcelain sleeve as an external insulation, also play a role in protecting the capacitance of the heart. The electric field of the porcelain sleeve surface is evenly distributed by the pressure of the inner capacitance heart, then the electrical insulating function of the casing is marched. The metal accessory has base connection sleeve (flange), end cover, equal pressure ball and so on. The conductor is a cable or a rigid steel pipe.

Capacitor type casing

Capacitance of the heart of the plastic paper manufacturing, high mechanical strength, to any point of view equipment, the use of anti-dampness qigong, structure and repair is simple, without the casing, but also the lower end of the heart to turn into a short tail, reduce its standard. The disadvantage is in the high voltage level, the absolute level of materials and technology begged higher, the heart is not easy to eliminate the air gap, resulting in some discharge voltage is low. Choose oil paper as capacitance heart, generally have the next porcelain sets, the lower standard is larger, the moisture contrast active, sealed begged high; the interest is the insulating material and the technology is easy to handle, the medium loss is small, some discharge function is good.   The beginning of the 70 's, China has widely used 110 kv ultra-high pressure oil-paper capacitor casing. In the 80, the country also launched a kind of plastic-immersed paper casing, the capacitance of the heart is made of insulating paper rolled into the heart after the resin vacuum impregnation, and then heat-cured treatment. The utility also has the advantage of the rubber paper and the capacitor sleeve

High-voltage Insulating Sleevings is a kind of insulating material, is a general term, so many Insulating Sleevings, after understanding, in how to choose, hope to you have some help.