Analysis Of Surface Temperature Of Insulating Sleevings

Nov 01, 2017
Analysis Of Surface Temperature Of Insulating Sleevings

An insulating casing is an insulating piece that is fixed on a housing partition to make a single or multiple conductor pass through the clapboard and does not change the explosion-proof type of electrical equipment. When the insulating casing is connected with the connecting wire, it should be able to withstand the moment effect.Insulating Sleevings 

The test connection part torsion test, after the test, the connecting piece and the insulating sleeve must not have the rotation and the damage phenomenon. Insulation casing used in the material, must be hygroscopic small. Electrical equipment with a voltage higher than 127V shall not be used for Bakelite products.Insulating Sleevings

According to Wet Tropics definition: In one day have above 12h temperature is equal to or above 20 ℃, relative humidity is equal to or above 80% days, the year that accumulates in more than two months area is called damp-heat belt. It can be seen that the place of Ⅰ-type mine electric equipment is generally damp-heat environment. In order to ensure the long-term use of explosion-proof electrical equipment in the downhole environment, they must have damp-heat resistance.Insulating Sleevings 

The presence of these gases and materials has a great influence on the performance of the metal parts and electrical insulating materials of the electrical equipment, which directly affects the explosion-proof performance of the electrical equipment. Therefore, the Ⅱ class equipment, generally should have the ability to withstand slight corrosion.Insulating Sleevings

The highest surface temperature of an electrical device is the maximum temperature at which an explosive mixture explodes around an explosive mixture when it is operating at the most unfavourable conditions within the allowable range, exposing any part of any surface of the explosion-proof compound. If the explosion-proof electrical equipment refers to the shell surface. The remaining explosion-proof types of electrical equipment are surfaces that may be exposed to explosive mixtures.Insulating Sleevings

Secondly, the hot-melt adhesive is used in the wall tube of the coating, and the 75 caliber is directly coated, 75 caliber and above specification uses the Spiral gelatinize way, from the appearance appears the difference is obvious, is one kind of mechanical entire coating plastic product; But the sheath is usually hand-painted at both ends, can also be coated with glue, the coating is the glue layer is cold glue, The waterproof performance is inferior to the middle wall sheath.Insulating Sleevings