Kraft Crepe Paper Transformer Wire Insulation

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Applications: Crepe Papers are ideally suited to insulate irregular shapes and surfaces where a proper insulation can not be reached with flat papers. Specialties were developed for applications as magnet wire insulation, as layer insulation, in current transformers, in RIP bushings or as shielding material.ktaft crepe papercrepe paper       

Description: Crepe papers are produced from base papers weighing 25 - 180 g/m2,(15 -111 lbs/ream) and have an elongation of between 15 to 300 %.They are available in master rolls of up 1200 mm and in slit width in a big variety of customer specified inside and outside diameters.Some of the grades are also  traverse wound. Insulation Crepe Paper is made of 100% superior sulfate insulating wood pulp.

mUnitThickness of raw materials


Thickness of crepe paper
Ash content

Diethyl ether
Water extract PH value


Polluted oil

Tensile strengthMDKN/m≥1.96≥2.6≥3.0≥3.3

Breakdown voltage
Electric conductivity

The standard width of roll is 900mm with a tolerance of ±5mm and standard inner and other outer  diameter of roll is 76mm/700mm. Slitting services available on width 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 70mm with ID 42mm and OD 200mm.

crepe paper press paper crepe paper for roll

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