Insulating Press Paper And Paper

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Insulating papers used for conductor wrapping are produced from 100% wood pulp according to many international standards. Additionally there is a wide range of products originally developed according to specific customer requirements. Weidmann offers these papers in different grades such as uncalendered, calendered and diamond dotted. The thickness of these papers ranges from 12 microns (0.5 mils) to 250 microns (10 mils) in a density range from 1.00 g/cm³ to 1.30 g/cm³ in roll sizes according to customers’ needs.

insulating press paper and paper

Field of Application

Insulating papers are mainly used for the production of conductors and cables but also in bushings, or as base material for DDP and wound paper tubes.


The higher smoothness and lower porosity make this grade an optimal carrier for diamond dotted paper.

Diamond Dotted (DDP)
This thermally upgraded type is used as conductor and cable insulation and as layer insulation in distribution transformers.

This grade is mainly used as conductor insulation, but also suitable for cable insulation and applications in distribution transformers.