Electrical Grade Insulating Coil Kraft Paper

Electrical grade insulating kraft paper(Coil insulating kraft paper) is manufactured from 100% high-quality sulfate insulating wood pulp.

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Electrical Grade Insulating coil Kraft Paper

Electrical Grade Insulating coil Kraft Paper


Electrical grade insulating kraft paper(Coil insulating kraft paper) is highly refined and cleaned to help ensure maximum chemical additives, sizing or fillers used in the paper, aloowing it to meet the most exacting electrical uses inconductor winding, motors, switchgears, and oil-filled transformers. It does not contain any metal elements, sand or conductive acidic substances thus ensure a high tensile, folding and tearing strength, as well as high dielectric constant and low power factor. It hasgood stability to withstand the insulating liquid treatment.



●This paper is highly refined and cleaned to ensure uniform thickness and free from formation

Pinholes, un-dispersed fiber bundles and tiny defects

● It is a low-voltage grade insulaing paper well suited for making electromagnetic  wires,power cables of transformers below 35KV and other electrical insulating equipments below 35KV


Our ordinary insulating papers are available in nominal thicknesses from 0.1 to 0.5mm,

and in continuous rolls up to the widths of 625, 960mm and 1200mm,

or other customized diameters and widths on request.

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