Diamond Dotted Resin Coated Paper

When to keep the temperature at 90 degree C for 90 minutes, the epoxy resin would paste on neighboring cable and paper safely.

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Diamond Dotted Resin Coated Paper


Hecheng DDP can also be supplied in the "thermally upgraded" version, which is called TU DDP. It can achieved by adding a small quantity of nitrogenous additive.


·     Insulation class A (105 °C) according to according to IEC 60641-3-2:2008

·     Kraft paper, 100% sulphate pulp

·     High purity and mechanical strength

·     Color natural

·     Baked enamel coating: Epoxy resin , rhombic, one or both sides

·    Good compatibility with liquid dielectic after the baked enamel coating has hardened.

·     Care should be taken that the that the layers to be baked remain closely pressed against each other during baking time



Thickness: 0.08mm – 0.50mm

Both in roll and sheet are available

Width: DDP strip minimum 4mm to master roll 2000mm

diamond dotted resin coated paper


diamond dotted resin coated paper


diamond dotted resin coated paper


Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes, our factory located in Yongkang city, Zhejiang province, PRC.

Q: How about your MOQ?

A: MOQ is according to different products. Whatever you need, we are glad to quote best price with good quality.

Q: Where is the nearest airport?

A: Yiwu airport (1 hour), international airport are Hangzhou(2 hours), Shanghai airport(3 hours).

Q: What are your main products?

A: For oil immersed transformers, like diamond dotted paper/DDP/DPP, Crepe paper, crepe paper tube, kraft paper, pressboard and so on.

For dry type transformers, like class F DMD, Prepreg DMD, NMN, AMA, NHN, AHA, and so on.

For electrical motors, like polyester film, DMD, NMN, NHN, fish paper with polyester film, PMP and so on.

Hecheng /Haotai owns superior processing/testing equipment and specialized laboratories. And our slitting machines can provide slitted width from 4mm to 1900mm. 

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