High Quality Epoxy Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

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High Quality Epoxy Reinforcement Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

Fiberglass mesh fabric is produced by fiberglass fabrics with special surface treatments. It is a kind of necessary structure material in the EIFS(exterior insulation and finish system). Fiberglass mesh fabric has high strength, good cohesion characteristics and can combine with EPS board firmly. Moreover, it can resist corrosion from building material such as cement and other alkaline materials, also prevent wall’s cracking, improve wall’s stress and impact resistance. Therefore, it is an ideal reinforcement material.

High Quality Epoxy Reinforcement Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

Product features of fiberglass mesh fabric

High strength

Excellent Alkali Resistance and acid-resistance

Strong adhesion with resin,easy dissolution in styrene

Grid fixied, stuctural stability

Identification of fiberglass mesh fabric

Glass type:  C-glass

Binding type: Fire Resistant or Non Fire Resistant

Roll width: 1000mm 



Up to customers' requirements


Specification of fiberglass mesh fabric


4*4mesh/inch-10*10mesh/inch(Mainly c-glass, Leno weave),

the regular size is 4*4mm,5*4mm,6*5mm,10*7mm


Area weight:


45gsm-500gsm,special specification available according to customers’ requirements


Application of fiberglass mesh fabric


Plastic, cement, asphalt, marble, roof, inside and outside wall, etc.