High Insulation Dogbone For Transformer

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Insulation dog bone is formed by the pultrusion of a non-alkaline fiber glass yarn impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin in the traction of the force through a hot die. Mainly used for electrical equipment insulation structure. Shapes are rectangular, I-shaped, angular, T-shaped, groove-shaped, circular tube-shaped, cylindrical, and other shapes.

High insulation dogbone for transformer

Dog Bone Pultruded Profiles are made from glass fiber as reinforcement ,synthetic resin as matrix by

pultrusion process. The resin matrix can be polyester,vinyl ester or epoxy resin.
Dog Bone Pultruded Profiles have very smooth surface, high mechanical strength ,excellent electrical
properties,superior flame resistance,high arc and carbon track resistance,and good thermal properties.
Thermal class is available for Class F and H.


Transformer stay is made by non-alkali fiberglass epoxy resin after high temperature curing lead continuous drawing forming.

Insulation stays is used for dry-type transformer,  H shape and I shape are used as for transformer insulation parts. 

Dog bone specification: 

1).it is class F and H insulation material.

2).size: 8x10mm, 6x6mm, 4×8mm,18×20mm, 10×16mm, 16×16mm etc. 

3).High mechanical strength

4).Excellent electrical isolation

3. Color: white 


  Insulation pultrusion profiles are widely used in railway ,subway ,tramway ,Power  

  electrical insulation ,cable tray channel,ladders,reinforce core for cable;rib  

  structure for green house,drain channel, water transporting system ,tooling   

  handles,sport apparatus, garden facilities ,structure for shelters,removable  

  housed and refrigerate vehicle shelf.