Epoxy Fiberglass Mesh Fabric For Transformer

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This sort of mesh fabric intensively steeped, by this process, there is no bladder inside the fabric, and the fabric is case-hardened, has good capability of insulation, further more, its level of resisting temperature is "H". It is not only has high mechanical intensity under the normal temperature, but also has such mechanical intensity under the environment of high temperature.

Epoxy fiberglass mesh fabric for transformer


It is used in the dry transformer,reactor and such product to protect the insulation laye of loop.It highly improves the whole mechanical intesity of the loop,so it is an excellent renforcing materical for the dry transformer and such product.

thickness (MM)      size                weight G/M2)

   0.4                         4X4                       162

   0.6                         4X4                       225

   0.8                         4X4                       340

   1.0                         5X4                       428

   1.2                         5X4                       510

   1.6                         6X5                       530           

   1.6                        10X7                      610                  

   2.0                         6X5                       760

   2.0                        10X7                      746

   2.0                        10X8

   2.0                        10X10                    680

   2.2                        10X7                 

   2.2                        10X8

   2.4                        6X5                               1089

   2.4                        10X7                              830

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