Coil Insulation Paper DMD Prepreg Resin DMD-P

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Epoxy-resin DMD flexible laminates

Epoxy-resin DMD flexible laminates is a three- layer flexible composite material ,produced by using impregnating F-class DMD combined material into heat-resistant epoxy resin,

DMD-P transformer insulation paper 

It is suitable for layer insulation of copper foil or aluminium foil on low-tension coils of dry-type transformer as well as suitable for slot and turn to turn insulation of B-class and C-class motors and electrical appliances.

Product Type:Epoxy-resin DMD-P Flexible Laminates
Material:Polyester film with Non-woven fabric
Type:Electrical insulation
Vicata:F Grade 
Feature:Elxcellent electrical, mechanical, impreganting and heat-resistant properties.
Application:Insulation for dty-type transformer, B&Fclass motor and other electrical appliances.
Color:Red, blue, pink, white, green.
Width:Widest 1500mm

electrical paper DMD-P


Tenxile strength MD,not bendN/10mm≥70≥70≥80≥80≥100≥100
Soluble resin contentg/㎡≥45
Volatile content%≤1.5
Tensile shear strengthMpa≥3.0
Temperature index-------≥155℃
Curing time:130℃ 5h; 140℃ 4h; 150℃ 3h

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 UL(ULNO.:E353580),ROHS,MSDS,REACH and ISO9001:2008 approved.

ISO system approved DMD-P flexible insulating laminates epoxy resin prepreg dmd

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