There're presspahn paper, presspaper, kraft paper, cable paper. Are they the same material?

Mar 08, 2018

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What is Presspaper, kraft paper, cable paper?

We always hear many insulation paper names and watched kinds of descriptions about presspapers, presspahn papers, kraft paper or craft paper, cable paper. It gave great confusions to buyers what differences are they. See how our engineer says about it.

Hi, your doubt are founded because in this case at different name corresponding an different product, even only for density, but in any cases with different approach in the application.

Than Weidmann and Kemprel that are the biggest player in the market, with quite hight competition and hight price, they need technical arguments to defend their highest price and creating foggy informations to convince the transformer manufacturer to pay more for their products. This strategy working, mainly because the procurement offices of Transformer manufacturers are not very expert about insulation material and application, and in the double they believe in the historic suppliers with long history. I see and touching the effect of this strategy in almost all of my assisted Transformer manufacturer.