Plastic distinction

May 07, 2016

Thermoset and thermoplastic II, the former cannot be reshaped to use, which can be repeated. Plastic polymer structure there are two basic types: the first is a linear structure, with the structure of polymers known as linear polymers; the second is the body structure, combined with the structure of the polymer is known as shape polymers. Some polymers with branched-chain called branched-chain polymer, which belongs to the linear structure. Some of the Intermolecular Crosslinking of polymer, but less cross-linking, known as the reticular formation, which belongs to the body structure. Two different structures, showing two opposite properties. Linear structure (including branched chains) due to the presence of independent molecules in polymers, elasticity, plasticity, can dissolve in the solvent, heating to melt, the hardness and brittleness minor characters. Because there is no independent body structure polymer molecules exist, and there is no elasticity and plasticity, insolvency and melt, only swelling, hardness and brittleness of the larger. Polymer plastic structure has, made of linear polymers are thermoplastic body is made of polymer thermoset plastics.