Motor insulation knowledge

Jun 05, 2019

What are the aspects of motor insulation?

  Motor motor insulation includes inter-strand, inter-turn, inter-row, inter-layer
and ground-to-ground insulation of coils, various insulating members and connecting wires and lead-out
wires for various supporting or fixed ends.

What is the inter-turn insulation?

  Interturn insulation refers to the insulation between the turns of the same coil.

What are the basic factors for the insulation damage of common motor coils?

  The basic factors of common motor coil insulation damage are thermal, electrical,
mechanical and environmental conditions.

  The motor insulation structure acts as a power barrier, but some also play a mechanical
support and fix. During long-term operation, the motor insulation is affected by electricity,
heat, mechanical force and different environmental conditions.
The insulation will gradually age and eventually lose.
Its proper performance causes insulation breakdown and cannot continue safely.
Therefore, the reliability and life of the motor are largely determined by the insulation of the coil,
so people compare the coil to the heart of the motor.