Sleeving With Silicone Resin

Sleeving With Silicone Resin
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2753 Sleeving with Silicone Resin  Class C

Description: 2753 sleeving with silicone resin is an insulating sleeving produced with a thermal process. The fiberglass is impregnated with silicone resin; it is available in four standard voltage: 2753.1500 volt -2753.2500 volt -2753.4000 volt -2753.7000 volt.. The thermal treatment and the special resin used for this item give this material a very good softness and elasticity, excellent high temperature resistance and good dielectric strength. It is widely used in wiring insulation and mechanical protection for electric motors, transformers and electrical instruments, and other electronic equipment.


• Thermal Class: Grade H(200℃-30℃) 

• Breakdown voltage: According to UL 1441 VW-1.

• Color: Brick red. (Other colors on request)

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