Transformer Creper Paper

The extensibility of crepe paper makes it perfect insulation for irregular shapes and surfces, where a proper insulation cannot be reached by flat papers.

Product Details

Transformers: This crepe paper is used as an insulation in manufacture of oil cooled transformers, current transformers of types IMB, CT, CVT, etc. as leads and shields. This crepe paper has 300% more strength in mechanical and cross mechanical directions and hence is more resistant to breakage. It can also take various shapes of the surface being insulated. Crepe paper also has greater surface area which helps to retain more oil and hence lowers the working temperature of the transformer.

Crepe Paper Covered Copper Conductors for Transformers: This Crepe Paper is used to cover copper conductors having various cross sectional shapes. This paper is used to cover copper conductors bent at an angle of 180 DEGREES. As a result this insulation will not break or tear or crack compared to plain kraft paper insulation.

This Crepe Paper can be supplied in Jumbo rolls of 1000mm (1 meter) width or in slitted pads as per customer requirements.

crepe paper

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