Three-layer Composite Polyester Film

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MM/MMM Composite polyester film

Specification MM or MMM Composite Polyester Film is a two-layer or three-layer composite polyester film (Mylar), Three -layer Composite Polyester Film is produced by using adhesive to adhere 2 or 3 layer polyester film (Mylar) together. It is also called Mylar Composite Polyester Film.

Advantage: It has perfect mechanical property, electric property and dimensional stability. 

Application: it is used as insulating tube of high-voltage and low-voltage coils on cast-resin transformers as well as used for slot, liner, phase, and turn-to-turn insulation of motors and other electrical appliances.

composite polyester film

Test and stock

Standard: GB/T5591.3.1-2008 and IEC626-2.

Storage: Room temperature, dry, clean in warehouse. Avoid fire, heat and sunlight.

Storage life: 12 months. Still effective if qualified in retest after 12 months.

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