Presspaper Transformer Winding Material

Kraft paper is produced with high-quality insulating kraft pulp without any plastic materials fillers.This paper has structure uniformity without any pinholes,dispersion of fiber groups of defects in transformers and cable manufacturing practice within its shelf life.

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The pulp is highly refined and cleaned to help ensure maximum chemical purity and physical strength. There are no chemical additives, sizing or fillers used in the paper, allowing it to meet the most exacting electrical uses in conductor winding, motors, switch gears, and oil-filled transformers. It does not contain any mental elements, sand or conductive acidic substances thus ensure a high tensile, folding and tearing strength, as well as high dielectric constant and low power factor. It has good stability to withstand the insulating liquid treatment.


It's mainly used as layer insulating paper for LV and HV winding of oil-immersed distribution transformers, or used in conductor windings, motors and switch gears.


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