Polyimide Film For Insulation

It is widely used for insulation purpose in electrical appliances which are used in special environment. To use the polyimide film means reducing volume and weight of the electrical appliances while retaining the same output or increase the capacity without increasing in frame size.

Product Details

Model NO.:6051


Chemistry:Organic Insulation

Material:Pi Film

Thermal Rating: H 180℃

Certificate:UL, SGS, ISO9001

polyimide film

Product Description

Product name: Polyimide Film for Electrical Insulation
Certificate: UL, SGS, ISO9001
Thinkness: 1~5mil
Width: 8~1040mm

Polyimide film has good insulating, heat-resisting and radicalization capabilities. It can burden the high temperature which can be 180 degree. Its heat-resisting capability has reached Level H. So it can be used for insulating notch in level H electrical machines and electric appliances. It can also be used in level B and level F electrical machines and appliances. We can use it for a long time in the special places where high temperature exists.

It is widely applicable to various fields, like aviation, navigation, spaceship, rocket missile, atomic energy and electrical and electric industry.

Excellent properties:
1. Mechanical property;
2. Dielectric property;
3. Heat-resistance;
4. Chemical stability;
5. Oil-proof and water-proof;
6. Radiation-resistance.

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