Polyester Film With Fish Paper

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6520/6521 polyester film composite electrical insulation paper


6520 polyester film composite electrical insulation paper is made of electrical fish paper and polyester film layer formed by adhesive bonding, this material has a excellent performance in both electrical and mechanical properties.


1).Stardard: GB/T5591.3-2008 and IEC60626-3 and IEC60243-1.
2).Certification: ISO Quality certification;SGS System Certification;Electrical machinery industry by product quality supervision and inspection center material testing.
4).Width: customized
5). MOQ: 1000kg
6). Delivery time: 15-20 days.


widly used for small motor and electrical insulation slot liner,gasket and turn to turn and layer insulation,liner insulation,transformer insulation,and other electrical insulation with termperature requirement not exceeding 130 C.

Class B insulation (130)

- High mechanical strength and excellent dielectric property.
- As slot, interturn and liner insulation for E-grade motors and electric appliances.

polyester film with paper

Test and stock:

1. Standard: GB/T5591.31-2008 and IEC60626-3 and IEC6243-1.

2. Storage: ≤40℃, dry, clean in warehouse. Avoid fire, heat and sunlight.

3. Storage life: 12 months. Still effective if qualified in retest after 12 months.