Oil Transformer Insulation Boards

HECHIN offers a broad variety of transformer boards. The cellulose based pressboard is available in various densities and thicknesses - ranging from 1.0mm - 60mm, all meeting international standards. Transformer board ensures long-term dimensional stability.

Product Details

HECHIN offers a broad variety of transformer boards. 

The pressboard is made by 100% import wood pulp, the standard size is 1000*2000mm, 2000*4000mm, special size should check with us in advance.

pressboard insulation wood high quality

Shrinkage(Thickness direction)%≤4.0
Ash content%≤0.8
Oil absorption rate%≥9
Electric conductivity water extractMs/m≤8.0
Voltage resistant strength (In oil)Kv/mm≥6
Moisture content%≤4.0
Bending StrengthN/mm²≥100(VD)≥80(LSD)
Compression Strength

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