Grade F Pre-impregnated DMD

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Product Details

Product Name : prepreg-dmd

Grade F pre-impregnated DMD material composited by F-Grade heat-resistant adhesive for two sides of polyester non woven fabrics and one layer of polyester film,then impregnate with heat resistant epoxy resin and bake it.This product with smooth surface and stable performance.It can be bonded with copper foil and aluminum foil very well.After wrapping with copper(aluminum) foil,there almost no low-molecular-weight volatilize and with low shrinkage in the vacuum drying environment.Grade F prepreg DMD should be the ideal insulation material for dry type power transformers, reactors and other motors.

prepreg dmd

Product Solidification Conditions

Keep it 130℃±5℃ about 5 hours, or keep it 140℃±5℃ about .4 hours,or keep it 150℃±5℃ about 3 hours to be solidified.


The grade F pre-impregnated DMD material shoud be  stored in a dry,clean and well-ventilated warehouse, temperature less than 30℃,and keep away from the fire,heating and sunshine. The storage period is one year, qualified products exceeding the storage period can still be used.


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