Insulation Paper DMD Class F

DMD is made of two layers of polyester fiber paper with one of polyester film. It is a three-layer combined material. It shows excellent mechanical and electrical properties and good heat resistance.

Product Details

Class F DMD Flexible Laminated paper is a three-layer flexible composite material, produced by using F-class adhesive to adhere the two faces of high-melt-point polyester film with non-woven polyester. It shows excellent mechanical and electrical properties and good heat resistance. 

Thermal class: F

Application: it is widely used in slot, phase and liner insulating of motor, transformer and so on.

We could supply DM Din three forms, such as DMD roll, DMD pieces, DMD tape.

 Insulation paper DMD Class F

Economical type of electrical insulation material for medium temperature machines.

Made from Polyester Film with a polyester fleece on both sides.

Excellent electrical and mechanical properties with a smooth surface finish.

Available in a selection of thicknesses by the roll, linear metre or a custom cut tapes and parts.

Used for electrical insulation, DMD Composite Paper is economical and versatile. This material is made from a single layer of polyester film that is coated on both sides with polyester felt. This three-layer constructions ensures the material offers good mechanical and dielectric strength while still being able to be impregnated by insulating varnishes.

Form of delivery
Jumbo rolls: 25~200kg/roll, 1500mm width, 76mm paper cores
Strips: 10mm~1500mm width according to customer requirements, maximum roll diameter 400mm.

We also supply different types of electrical insulation materials for stator or armatures, such as insulation paperand insulation wedge with different class degree. DMD Class B/F, DM Class B/F, Polyester film Class E, NH& NHN, etc

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