Insulation Paper B F H Class DMD, DM

6630 DMD- Polyester film/polyester fiber non-woven fabric flexible composite material (DMD) consists of two layers of Polyester Fiber Non-woven Fabric and a single layer of Polyester Film in the center.

Product Details

Insulation paper B F H Class DMD, DM

Insulation paper B F H Class DMD, DM


6630 DMD Features and Applications:

Temp. Class B & F DMD insulation paper

DMD Insulation paper has excellent dielectric and mechanical property, high tensile strength and heat resistance.

As slot, interturn and liner insulation for B-grade motors and electric appliances.


DMD Availability:

Form: roll, sheet, strip

Color: white, pink, blue. Special color can be provided on request.


DMD Properties:

Bond strength at room temp: no delimitation.

Bond strength at (155±2)degree, 10min: no delimitation , no blister, no adhesive flow.

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