Grade F Pre-impregnated DMD Material

Grade F pre-impregnated DMD material is composited by F-Grade heat-resistant adhesive for two sides of polyester non woven fabrics and one layer of polyester film,then impregnate with heat resistant epoxy resin and bake it.

Product Details

Pre-impregnated DMD insulation paper is formed in the process of precuring the modified F-Class DMD with Impregnation of high-temp resistant epoxy resin into B-stage by baking.
With high insulating properties, Pre-impregnated DMD Insulation Paper is used for the insulating slots, liners and layers for F-grade motor and transformer.

epoxy resin prepreg DMD flexible laminates

Characters :

Pre-impregnated DMD Insulation Paper is Class F (155 degree) insulating paper. This product has long shelf life at room temperature, low precuring temperature and time, showing excellent electrical insulation, bonding and heat-resistant properties.



It is used for the liner insulation of copper foil/aluminum foil, wrapped low voltage coils in dry-type transformer and slot insulation and interphase insulation in Class B-F motor and electrical appliances

Product Solidification Conditions
Keep it 130ºC±5ºC about 5 hours, or keep it 140ºC±5ºC about .4 hours,or keep it 150ºC±5ºC about 3 hours to be solidified.

The grade F pre-impregnated DMD material should be  stored in a dry,clean and well-ventilated warehouse, temperature less than 30ºC,and keep away from the fire,heating and sunshine. The storage period is one year, qualified products exceeding the storage period can still be used.

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