Electrical Flexible Composite Material DMD100

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Electrical Flexible Composite Material DMD100 Saturated with F-Class and Thickness 0.15-0.50mm Required Color


Description: DMD100 Flexible Laminate is made of Non-saturated class F DMD. Saturated DMD100’s surface dipping in the high-class heat-resistant resin. It is also called Dacron Mylar Dacron 100 or DMD100

Advantages: It has excellent electrical, mechanical, soft and tear resistant properties, easy to fit in with the Automatic assembly line process.

Applications: DMD100 is the perfect insulation material of F-class motors; it’s suitable for slot, liner, phase, and turn-to-turn insulation in low voltage electrical motors. It also can be used as interlayer insulation in transformers and other electrical appliances.

Test and stock

Standard: GB/T5591.3.1-2008 and IEC626-2.

Storage: ≤40℃, dry, clean in warehouse. Avoid fire, heat and sunlight.

Storage life: 12 months. Still effective if qualified in retest after 12 months.

Advantage of company

We can supply the widest DMD100 Flexible Laminate in the word. The width can reach 2 meters.

Shanghai port is the nearest port. It only takes us two hours to ship Saturated DMD100