DMD Darcon Myalr Darcon Insulating Paper

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DMD darcon myalr darcon insulating paper
DMD darcon myalr darcon insulating paperIntroduction:

6630 B-DMD Flexible Laminate is a three-layer flexible composite material. B Class DMD is produced by using B-class adhesive to adhere the two faces of high-melt-point polyester film with hot-rolled non-woven polyester fabric (Dacron).It is also called B Class Dacron Mylar Dacron.


The B class DMD insulating paper has good mechanical strength and dielectric properties.
Electrical polyester film with high dielectric properties, tear strength and tensile strength, good impregnation, bonded to the outer layer of high-density polyester fiber non-woven can improve the mechanical strength of the film, to maintain a good Softness and further improves the heat resistance and thermal stability of the insulating paper product.


The B class DMD insulation paper for motor, electrical insulation in the stator windings slot insulation, liner insulation and interturn insulation. But also used in dry-type transformers coil insulation layer, the end of closure insulation, gasket insulation.

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