Nmn Motor Insulation Flexible Materials

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Product Details

NMN is made of 3-layer flexible laminates comprised of 2 layers of Dupont Nomex® paper and a layer of polyester film with thermal resistance adhesive. The total thickness of the product depends on the thickness of Nomex® paper, also the properties. Meet the UL certification. 
Typical Application 
NMN series is suitable for insulation in electrical motors and transformers with a maximum operating temperature of 155ºC~180ºC. It is used in low or medium voltage rotating machines as ground and slot insulation. It can be used as well as intermediate layer in transformers.

  • High Quality Electrical Insulation Paper that combines the mechanical strength of Nomex and the dielectric properties of PET Film.

  • Flexible, composite insulation with high tensile strength and resistance to tearing.

  • Suitable for use in electrical applications up to 155°C (Class F).

  • Available by the metre in a selection of thicknesses (custom cut parts also available).

    nmn (2)

This flexible insulation sheet consists of two outer layers of genuine, DuPont Nomex and a single layer of PET film in the middle.

NMN Paper is typically used as a flexible slow liner material for electric motors as well as for slot closure and phase insulation on lower voltage motors. It is also used as interlayer insulation in transformers and others types of electrical machinery.

We are pleased to offer this flexible electrical insulation material by the metre in a selection of thicknesses. More information on this paper follows along with a quick guide on how to buy it directly online. As always, if you do have any questions about this or any other material in our range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Consistent, Quality Construction.

Hechin NMN is a high quality NMN Insulation Paper. It is made from genuine DuPont brand Nomex and a quality grade of PET (Polyester) film). These are then laminated to form a composite paper with excellent thickness consistency, a smooth surface finish and reliable performance.

Tough, Strong, Flexible Insulation.

The composite nature of NMN Insulation Paper ensures it offers the best properties of each of its child materials. The outer, Nomex layers are designed to provide excellent physical properties. They have a smooth surface finish, good impregnability, and are quite tough and strong.

Some of the physical properties of our NMN Insulation are covered in the table below. The values vary depending on the thickness of the paper selected in many cases so we’ve listed all the available thicknesses (even those we don’t currently stock but can provide on request).