NM Flexilbe Insulation Materials

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NM flexilbe insulation materials

NM flexilbe insulation materials

NOMEX® NM laminates are 2-ply laminates constructed of calendered NOMEX paper bonded to polyester film with a proprietary high-temperature adhesive system. These laminates will not delaminate or blister at high temperatures.

The polyester film in these 2-ply laminates contributes high dielectric strength, as well as good initial tear strength and tensile properties. The calendered NOMEX paper provides long term thermal stability, as well as improved propagation tear strengths.

Typically used in the manufacture and repair of motors and generators of many sizes and temperature classes. The most important applications are for slot liners, wedges and phase insulation in Class H motors and generators, as well as in large and specialty Class F motors. Motor manufacturers as well as motor repair facilities who repair motors like the ability to standardize on NM, and use just one insulation material for all motors.

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