NHN Soft Composite Insulation Material

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NHN soft composite insulation material

NHN soft composite insulation material

●Product introduction

6650NHN polyimide film polyarylene fiber paper soft insulating composite material is a three-layer electrical insulating composite material which is bonded by Dupont Nopex Nomex® poly-aramid paper and 6050 polyimide film.

This 6650 NHN insulation paper is suitable for slot insulation, turn-to-turn insulation and gasket insulation for Class H high heat resistance motor appliances , such as cables, coils, motors, generators, ballasts, etc., and is used for interlayer insulation of transformers and other electrical appliances, such as dry-type transformers, high-voltage transformers, etc.


  ●Product characteristics

a. Excellent mechanical properties: such as good tensile strength and edge tear resistance, electrical properties, dielectric properties, mechanical toughness, chemical compatibility, thermal conductivity, radiation resistance,

b. low moisture absorption rate, good moisture resistance

c. has excellent insulation properties.

d. insulating paint infiltration effect is strong.

e. Add some heat-resistant organic fiber, long-term withstand voltage at high temperature, excellent flame retardant and flame resistance, thermal stability, heat resistance and thermal conductivity.

f. the material is safe and non-toxic, and the shaping effect is excellent.


  ●Product application

6650NHN polyimide film polyarylene fiber paper soft insulating composite material has good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, and is excellent in high temperature and mechanical properties after damp.

Storage advice

1. It should be stored in dry and clean environment at room temperature.

2. To keep away from fire, heat and directly sunshine.

3. After 12 months of storage, it should be tested and pass all specification before use.

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