Insulation Kraft Paper

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Electrical Grade Insulating Kraft Paper that we supply is made from excellent grade of virgin fibers.  These are widely used as an insulation material of copper and aluminum wires. Apart from this these are also used in winding of transformer, motor, rotor coils. We export these in various parts of the world at competitive prices.



Wire Covering,Transformer Insulation"

Salient features are as follows:

  • Low ion contaminants through the use of deionized water

  • Superior resin and oil impregnation characteristics

  • High tensile strength in the vertical direction

  • Capable of being produced in thin sheets (23g/m2 - 35 microns)

  • Paper combinations - 3 layer construction possible

  • Low density, high air permeability

  • Little difference between front and back

  • Heat resistant insulating paper

  • Colored insulating paper

  • Colored with dyes that have no electrical influences

  • Semi-synthetic insulating paper & others

  • Also used for instrumentation and condenser applications

    kraft paper

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