Insulating Transformer Crepe Paper

It can also take various shapes of the surface being insulated. Crepe paper also has greater surface area which helps to retain more oil and hence lowers the working temperature of the transformer.

Product Details

Insulating transformer crepe paper

Insulating Transformer Crepe Paper



  • Good electric dielectric strength

  • High oil-absorption property

  • Eco friendly

Transformer Insulation Crepe Paper  :

Availability: The base kraft paper thicknesses on which creping is done are 2.0mil (50 microns), 3.0mil (75 microns), 5.0mil (125 microns). Thickness above 5 mil can be provided as per customer’s requirement. The elongation can be supplied as per specification from 10% up to 300 %.

This Crepe Paper can be supplied in Jumbo rolls of 1000mm (1 meter) width or in slitted pads as per customer requirements.

The extensibility of crepe paper makes it perfect insulation for irregular shapes and surfaces, where a proper insulation cannot be reached by flat papers.

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