Impregnating F Class Dmd

It suitable for layer insualtion of copper foil or aluminium foil on low-tension coils of dry-type transformers as well as suitable for slot and turn-to turn insulation of B-class and F-class motors and electrical appliances.

Product Details

1.Product Name : Flexible Laminates

2. Product Model :  Prepreg DMD

3. Prepreg DMD -----is formed in the process of precuring the modified F- class DMD with Impregnation of hi-temp resistant Epoxy resin into B - stage by baking.

Epoxy resin DMD technical date:

2Thickness Tolerancemm±0.003±0.035
3Tensile Strength MD,No BendingN/10mm≥70≥80≥100
4Resin Content%35±530±5
5Volatile Content%≤1.5
6Soluble Resin Content%≥85
7Dielectric StrengthKv/mm≥40
8Tensile Shear StrengthMpa≥3.0

Epoxy resin DMD Features and applications:

---temp.class F (155 °C )

---As interlayer insulation of copper foil(aluminum foil).

---Wrapped low voltage coils in dry-type transformers, slot insulation and interphase insulation in Fclass motors and electrical appliances.

Epoxy resin DMD Availability:

---Form: roll,sheet,strip

---Color:red, natural

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