High Temperature Polyimide Film

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High temperature polyimide film

polyimide film

Normally infusible, colored (often amber) high performance polymers with predominantly aromatic molecules of high thermal stability. Semi-fabricated shapes are usually supplied by the polymer manufacturer and made by powder sintering or working with more tractable pre-cursors and completing polymerisation in final form, though some melt-processable grades of resin are manufactured. They have excellent high temperature properties and radiation resistance, inherently low flammability and smoke emission, low creep and high wear resistance and are very expensive. They have moderately high water absorption and are prone to hydrolysis and attack by alkalis and concentrated acids.

A widely used form is Kapton® film, made in thicknesses from 0.008 to 0.125mm and which is a transparent amber colour. Thicker polyimide items are usually opaque. A range of Kapton® film variants are also available. In each of these, a large measure of Kapton's basic properties are combined with an extra attribute eg increased electrical or thermal conductivity, improved corona resistance, opacity and thermoplasticity.

Films are used for capacitators, insulation, printed circuit boards and in aerospace; other applications include engine components, bearings and mechanical parts exposed to radiation.


Excellent  performance of mechanism and electric

Excellent flame retardant property

High temperature resistant: -269℃ (-452.2 F) - +260℃ (492 F), up to +260℃ for short working time

Excellent chemical resistance. Resistant to freon and most organic solution, no corrosion made by any inorganic acid and alkali except for caustic alkali

Excellent radiation resistance

Moisture protection and corrosion resistance


Wrapping electromagnetic wire and high temperature cable

H-class insulation in Motor, transformer, capacitor

Nuclear industries

Substrates of Flexible Printed Circuits Board (F-PCB)

Backing materials of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, F46 (FEP) tape, polyimide tube.

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