H Class Insulating Material Nhn

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6650 NKN/NHN flexible laminates

Polyimide film with Dupont Nomex

In accordance with GB/T5591.3-2008 and IEC626-3


The Class H 6650 NHN/NKN flexible laminate is a three-layer flexible composite material, produced by using C-class adhesive to adhere the polyimide film (Kapton) with hot rolling DuPont Nomex (N) on both sides.


The NHN/NKN is one of the most exclusive electric insulation materials at present. It has excellent heat-resistant, dielectrical property, and superior mechanical properties.


The Class H 6650 NHN nomex paper is suitable for slot, liner, phase, and turn-to-turn insulation in H and C-class electrical motors. It can be used as interlayer insulation in high voltage transformers and other electrical appliances.


Storage advice

1. It should be stored in dry and clean environment at room temperature.

2. To keep away from fire, heat and directly sunshine.

3. After 12 months of storage, it should be tested and pass all specification before use.

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