Fish Paper Combined Polyester Film

It is used as slot, phase, turn to turn and liner insulation in E-B motor and eletrical appliances.

Product Details

1、Basic Information
Thickness:above 0.15mm
Colour:Natural ,Cyan and Deep Blue
Sheets:approx. 1000*990mm
Tapes:from 10mm width upwards

2、Composition and application
6520-50 Fish Paper is a two-layer flexible laminate insulating material consisting of polyester film/fish paper.The used adhesive is acid-free and temperature resistant.The thickness of polyester film is 0.050mm.
6520-50 Fish Paper has obvious good properties in mechanical strength and electrical strength.It is used widely in engines,electrical applicance and instrument as insulating material.Heat resistance is Class E.
Special thickness and combinations can be supplied according to customer.

3、Package and other terms
This product is usually supplied in rolls.The roll weight is 70±5kg/roll.It also can be supplied in forms of sheet and tape.
Materials of Core:Paper         Specification:76mm(3'')
Package:Inside is polythene film.Outside is carton or wooden case.
Store:Sealed and in dry place.

fish paperfish paper

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